Check it Out – February/March 2017

Although life in Brazil tends not to get going until after carnival, which was later than usual this year, I have actually been insanely busy since the start of the year – hence the lack of recommended listening of late. However, in the interest of redressing that balance here are a few recommendations from the thriving British alternative scene. There are so many bands making a lot of very cool music, some of which gets a little exposure, a lot of which stays firmly underground, but either way, it’s fair to say that the British rock scene is alive and well and here is a little taste of what’s kicking around.

Creeper – ‘Eternity, In Your Arms’
With hooks at the ready and more than a certain panache, Southampton Goth Punks Creeper finally delivered their debut album at the end of March and it does not disappoint. The expectation surrounding these guys had been building for months and their ambition was by no means a secret, so to an extent the pressure was on, but if there was ever a band ready for the big time Will Gould and Co are it. Packed with frantic riffs, massive choruses and theatrical aplomb, they deliver quality tune after quality tune, from bombastic opener ‘Black Rain’, past old favourite ‘Misery’ and killer single ‘Hiding With Boys’, through to the totally OTT ‘I Choose To Live’, there’s never a dull moment. Whatever “it” is, Creeper have a lot of it; go check em out.

Patrons – ‘As Above, So Below’
Another debut, another British band from the alternative rock scene and another killer record. Their own blend of post hardcore and epic alt rock may not have the obvious showbiz appeal of Creeper, but what they have delivered on ‘As Above, So Below’ is equally accomplished and has an emotional depth all its own. I have been playing this record to death this last month or so and have to say that it never gets tired, the songs revealing more and more with repeated plays. Every track is well constructed, they deliver some seriously bold choruses and Danny Brooks’ vocals are nothing less than excellent. Don’t be surprised to hear a lot more from these guys.

Luke Rainsford – I Feel at Home with You
If one man singing cool tunes on an acoustic guitar is limited to that ginger guy, then maybe you should check out Luke Rainsford, he’s a very different bag of tricks. Essentially he’s a young man dealing with serious mental health issues in self deprecating fashion through his punky folky acoustic pop. He has a great ear for a melody and employs some neat little percussion moves to keep things interesting as he works through demons of depression and anxiety. It’s by no means doom and gloom though, his work is imbued with a sense of hope that is quite uplifting, despite the bare naked honesty and his, at times, downright heartbreaking lyrics. This is a record that we can all relate to, and its subtle textures and compelling conviction make for a mature, highly listenable acoustic work out.