Patrons – As Above, So Below Review

The rough and ready, post hardcore(ish) stylings of heavy rocking Plymouth quartet Patrons have more than a certain charm; their debut album making for pretty exciting fare. With well constructed songs, a variety of quality riffs and absolutely superb vocals, ‘As Above, So Below’ is further proof that the British rock scene is alive and well.

‘First of the Slow Burners’ gets off to a measured start, being aptly named as it ticks along a little mechanically, before a passionate chorus drops a cool hook to draw you in, the rough edges to Danny Brooks vocal showing a rawness that is immediately likeable. ‘Shapes in Nature’ works similarly well, with a quirky melody and a killer hard rocking chorus, which builds to a passionate heavy finale; tune.

Most of the tracks have a pretty personal feel, musing on life and relationships to great effect, whether it’s the mid paced rocker ‘Everything Matters’, or the excellent ‘The Art of Conversation’, which rolls along atmospherically until some big riffs and a passionate chorus kick it into epic rock shape.

Although they are billed as post hardcore there is plenty of variety on display, we get an air of Panic at the Disco to Eighty Four’ before they rock it up on what is another well worked tune, they then venture into seriously aggressive territory on the gutsy ‘War and Pieces’. But then there are tracks like ‘Listen’, with its sparse intro of guitar, vocal and eighties atmosphere, which slowly builds to a big chorus and a passionate finale dripping in emotion.

Without a trace of filler in sight, as debut albums go this is a pretty damn impressive record. Whether it’s on the quirky guitar lines and frantic banging chorus of ‘Army of One’, energetic rocker ‘Last of the Quick Think’ or the alt rock come down ballad ‘Dawn’, which brings things to a spectacular close, they certainly know their way around a tune.

All in all, ‘As Above, So Below’ is a mighty fine debut album that ticks all the power, energy and emotion boxes. It stands up to repeated plays and to put it in simple terms, is all killer, no filler. Good work fellas.


‘As Above, So Below’ is out as of 31st March on Rose Coloured Records. Check it out here