Metallica – Moth Into Flame Review

Hold the phone, Metallica just dropped another track from the forthcoming album, ‘Hard Wired’, and much like the first single there is a nagging sense of familiarity about it. This, however, is no bad thing, as it sounds like the Metallica we know and love being the Metallica we know and love – it’s like they’re done pissing around and have gone back to writing quality heavy metal.

‘Moth Into Flame’ is not quite the full on thrash fury of the first single, but this take on the attractions and pitfalls of fame is a satisfying listen and worth it for the blazing Kirk Hammett solo alone, heavy wah wah and all. The track opens with a Maidenish lick that soon turns into a chugging riff straight out of the bay area, featuring those little rising licks on the end of riffs, besides the typical Lars stops and fills, a slick vocal from James and even a hint of harmony on the chorus.

Ok, so there’s plenty of recycling going on, including a mid section tempo change, lines with only one word – ‘Decadence!’ – and I’m sure I’ve heard that melody somewhere before, but hey, who really cares? They’ve proved everything they’ve ever needed to prove, conquering the rock world in uncompromising fashion, I mean, when you’re heavy metal champion of the world you can do a lot worse than sound like a copy of yourself with a few of your influences and contemporaries thrown in for good measure. Sounds like the new album will rock.


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