Six Reasons Guns n Roses Shouldn’t Reunite

I love Guns n Roses. I was 15 when I was first blown away by ‘Sweet Child O Mine’. I was 17 when I first saw them live at Wembley Stadium. I went on to see them three more times; Wembley again, Milton Keynes and Rock in Rio in 2001, which in retrospect wasn’t half as good as I thought at the time (also borne out by radio replays). I still have Appetite for Destruction on vinyl with the original artwork. I wrote an essay about them for my English Literature course work. They were a massive part of not only my teenage but also my adult life, I mean I still listen to them.

Which is precisely why I am NOT in the least bit excited about the “reunion”. Dammit, yet another nail in the coffin of new music as nostalgia continues to dominate.

Let it lie, it’s not going to be the same, Axl is a completely different person and singer, and the hunger that made them just isn’t there anymore. I was there when the Sex Pistols reformed in 1996 and they managed to pull it off; basically because Johnny Rotten’s voice hadn’t changed and given the band’s premature break-up, they still had something to prove. Moreover, they needed the money! GnR don’t need the money, which makes it ugly; have nothing to prove, and are therefore beating a dead horse; and Axl’s voice has changed beyond recognition.

OK, I’m sure it will be fantastic standing in a field reliving your teenage years screaming “whoa – oh – oh – oh sweet child o mai-ee-ii-ee-iiiine” but lets face it, it’s not going to have anything like this kind of passion.

Yeah sure, they’ll play all those tunes that you know and love so well, but they are hardly “The most dangerous band in the world” anymore.

No amount of rehearsing is gonna get them this tight again.

There’s no way they will have this kind of energy, or shorts (thankfully).

Even if there’s a small miracle and Izzy Stradlin joins the fun, no way will it be this cool.

Even if all the planets align and it all comes together and is somehow really fucking good, there is still no way they will ever be this badass again.

Looking back at what this band once was and what made them great just turns the whole circus surrounding this comeback all the more disappointing. Think I’ll stick with the memories.


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