Twitter On and On

Social media is a funny thing; sometimes it works amazingly well, other times it’s like pissing in the wind. I work on the premise that if someone has decided to follow me the least I can do is check the person/band out and maybe follow if there is some common ground. In the case of musicians I am also more than happy to give them a listen and a little publicity. However, when the follow up from them is non-existent, or stops at a favorite/heart on a tweet, it’s a bit frustrating – they want publicity, I’m giving them publicity, but rather than publicize the piece you just get a “oh, thanks” – jeez if you want people to see what others are writing about you then retweet it and/or post it on your Facebook page – quite simple really! Anyway, here’s the latest batch of artists who’ve taken an interest in following me:

Walking Stone Giants
This Greek power trio sound pretty much as you might expect from their name – big! They have a heavy metal/stoner rock vibe going on and I will admit to being pleasantly surprised by their measured, technically proficient, approach of interesting riffs, low key bluesy vocal and smoking solos. Their 2013 EP is available as a free download right here:

Tim Turner
Very slick, smooth groove, acoustic pop – Tim crafts a nice tune and has a good voice. There’s a latino air to some of the guitar playing which adds a little depth to his pleasant sound. He also has a fair few covers on his YT channel, including this nice take on Frank Ocean.

Sean Beeson
Piano composer. Relaxing, vaguely wistful, instrumental pieces composed with soundtracks in mind.

This German rock band have the unique concept of releasing a song every 10,000 followers. Not sure it’s a great marketing technique but what the hell, I checked out ‘Heart of the Nile’, their 30k release (they now have over 40k), and at nigh on six minutes it’s good value. It is pretty well done intense brooding middleweight rock that slow boils to a fairly resounding climax. Nice.

The Droids
Damn these guys are good! This husband and wife team make what I can only describe as alternative pop; there’s a bit of everything going on – synths, guitars, dark piano, the occasional break beat and superb vocals from Sarah Anne. It’s all fairly uptempo and there are some serious hooks, I guess they’re in similar territory to Marina and the Diamonds or Florence and lose nothing by comparison. Great stuff.

Fetal Pulse
Conceptual atmospheric electronica with a serious vibe. It’s not all beats and beeps as there is plenty of instrumentation and good work with beats. It’s interesting stuff actually, occasionally bordering on ambient, that makes for a chilled out listen.

Pleasant enough, positive vibe pop rock with an air of country, inspired by the transition from financial services work to full time musician. Not exactly pushing any boundaries, but sure to find a niche in the American market that cannot resist a catchy country rocker. Also enjoys a cover.

Vita Museum
Epic rock from the dark side, with a strong industrial/electronic feel from the heavy synths and programmed beats. It’s an interesting mix with an accomplished feel and even an air of dark pop to the well constructed atmospheric tracks. Worth a listen.


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