Twitter, Twitter, Twitter.

What I most like about Twitter is that it’s not Facebook; there’s a kind of quasi-anonymity to it, yet at the same time you are also totally accountable for whatever it is you tweet about. Personally speaking I use Twitter to further my interest in music, though not exclusively, as well as to promote my work as a music writer. Consequently, the number of people and bands following me is growing daily, so I think it only right to reciprocate their interest by continuing to write about any musical followers regardless of their musical leaning/ability, that way they may expand their audience (or not) and readers may discover something new that they love (or hate). So here’s the latest…

Heavily 80s influenced electronica mixing well produced covers and original material. Clearly loves New Order, Depeche Mode etc.

4 Dead in 5 Seconds
Melodic Death(ish) Metallers from the Australian Gold Coast are an extremely talented band with a pretty cool progressive sound. They’re not afraid to slow it down here and there and explore time changes and arrangements, interesting stuff. Wolf Hunt is well worth a listen.

The British IBM
I recently reviewed their new album, Psychopaths Dream in Black and White, and will readily admit to thoroughly enjoying their brand of folk tinged indie. There’s some sublime Cello on the record adding a quite lovely depth to their textured sound. It’s a real end of a hard day album and well worth immersing yourself into its warm bath of comfort.

Jon Cruz/Heart Impaled
Heart Impaled is a kind of conceptual metal project from Jon Cruz that is actually quite badass. There’s plenty of machine gun riffing and more than a vague nod in the direction of industrial with the heavyweight sound effects, the processed vocal sound and the metallic edge to the riffing. It’s all very apocalyptic, with titles like ‘City of the Slain’ and Engines of Inferno’ but if you like your rock on the dark side then this may be just the right level of intensity for you.

Dan Hull/DFH/Messor Vernula
Multi-faceted D.I.Y metal with a hard edge.To be honest I’m not sure that this band still exists but Dan has new work in the pipeline looking for crowdfunding. (

Susan Muranty
Not really my bag, but in the interest of maintaining my democratic approach to this section I am including all followers. Susan has a kinda folky, vaguely Celtic, acoustic strum soothing piano thing going on, so if you like your listening easy this may be your thing.


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