10 Songs that Never Fail. Ever.

There are certain tracks in the history of music that are like honey to the eardrums; they hit the spot every time and quite simply cannot fall flat. However, what is a classic for one, is not necessarily a classic for all; but here are a handful of tracks that as far as I’m concerned never fail – they are always welcome, whatever the weather.

Elvis Presley – Heartbreak Hotel
Probably the song that changed everything, it’s the perfect showcase for Elvis’ voice and it doesn’t get much better than on the 68 comeback.

The Doors – Roadhouse Blues
“Ladies and Gentlemen, from Los Angeles California, The Doors” enough said.

The Clash – Should I Stay or Should I Go
Great riff, great hook, great tempo change. Winner. Every fuckin time.

AC/DC – You Shook Me All Night Long
Even if you are not a fan of the band, this song is impossible not to like; I guess it’s one of the least AC/DCish tracks of all – the easy intro instantly familiar, the riff understated and the chorus as hooky as hell.

Stevie Wonder – Superstition
I mean, come on it’s got like the funkiest riff ever.

The Undertones – Teenage Kicks
John Peel: “Maybe once a fortnight, after a few days of listening to sizzling new releases and worrying that the music is merging into angst but otherwise characterless soup, I play Teenage Kicks to remind myself exactly how a great record should sound.”

Van Morrison – Brown Eyed Girl
This is a lesson in song writing – how to capture love and nostalgia in three minutes of faultless pop. Listen to it without thinking about someone you love or smiling to yourself.

Dinosaur Jr. – Freak Scene
As far as indie/grunge/alternative rock goes this song is just about unbeatable. It is probably one of the most underrated songs by one of the most underrated bands in rock history. Kurt Cobain once asked J.Mascis to join Nirvana for a reason ya know.

Al Green – Lets Stay Together
Silky smooth. As love songs go, it don`t get no better than this.

Frankie Vallie – Can’t Take My Eyes Off You
Covered over 200 times – quite simply the greatest song ever. Unbeatable.


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