Free Downloads

The more I have explored music outside of the mainstream the more acutely aware I have become of the difficulties of upcoming artists and recently came to the conclusion that I was no longer comfortable with illegal downloading. People can make a case for it, I’m sure there are valid and compelling arguments, but what it basically amounts to is stealing a musicians hard graft – would you steal a table from a carpenter or a painting by an artist?
Even so, many artists do, for whatever reason, actually make their music available for you to download freely and legally, si as a result of bands that I have featured offering stuff and then stumbling around on bandcamp, I’ve put together a list here, which will be updated occasionally in future, but in the meantime here’s a whole bunch of stuff worth checking out.

Already Heard Compilation

Of Allies

Tairrie B.

Wolf Alice Wolf Alice



Lux Lisbon



Five Grand Stereo




Age of Atlas

4 Dead in 5 Seconds

Noam Bleen EP

Forever Still Scars EP

I Talk To Strangers


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