Twitter Bands

It seems that the more involved I become with all things music, the more music becomes involved with me. A quick glance through my Twitter followers will reveal a number of bands, individual artists, fan clubs, clothes stores and fellow writers; and though not all the artists are to my taste, it seems only fair to reciprocate the interest by actually listening to what’s on offer and give a little publicity. Often, these bands are very much D.I.Y and are really struggling to make a breakthrough in the industry, despite their obvious talent; in other cases they are getting there but could still use more support. So here’s the latest crop of “Margraves” (bands or singers I have discovered through Twitter); you never know, it could be the one artist you’ve been waiting for…..or not…but if you don’t listen how will you know?

Black Sonic Revolver – Hard touring Indie Rock band with a strong Manchester influence; they’ve got a robust sound with a bit of groove bubbling under the surface. They have been building a good following, so expect bigger things when the new album drops in December.

Smoker – Authors of the Monchu project (two songs a month for a year), they have a trippy indie feel to them, with a very accomplished sound – interesting stuff. Check out free downloads here:

(I am) Warface – Eighties influenced electro rock with an industrial edge. Still at the demo stage but sounding very promising with some great hooks and already building a strong following online. If the forthcoming album is well produced it could make a few headlines.

The Cringe – These guys are not exactly new, nor are they entirely unheard of, especially when you find out they’ve been opening for Motley Crüe, but they followed me and I’d never heard of them so had to check them out. What’s on offer from the NYC based four-piece is good quality alternative rock with a grungy rock n’ roll feel. They already have four albums behind them so there’s plenty to get your teeth into.

The Danbury Lie – Slightly leftfield experimental indie folksters with some interesting guitar work on offer.

Of Allies – I have already actually featured these guys in a separate article on British Bands that could use a break, but as they have followed me it seems only fair to give them another mention, especially as they are a band I really believe in. They have a hard edged alternative metal sound with just enough in the melody department to make them radio friendly without sounding overtly commercial. As far as alternative rock/metal goes, they are as good as anyone else currently on the scene and their recent EP, Fragments, has plenty of quality tracks which really hold up. In a fair and just world they could go on to much bigger things, but given the current musical climate they’re going to have to work put in some serious hard work. I have previously shared something from Fragments, so here is an acoustic version of an earlier track, ‘Ghosts’, which is a good indication of what they’re capable of doing. Check their website for a free download (

I’ve already had more follows from other artists and bands so I will be covering them in the near future, watch this space.


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